Financial Instiutions

Treasury & Financial Risk Management including regulatory requirements

Corporates & Public

Corporate Treasury Management - liquidity, FX, interest rate, commodity and weather risks

Interim Management & Outsourcing

Temporary solution for your daily treasury, risk management team or outsourcing of processes. 

Training &

Training & coaching senior management, BoD or risk management team members

Consulting Financial Institutions

The financial crisis changed the landscape of financial institutions significantly: new regulations like Basel III  and Dodd Frank, revised liquidity requirements like LCR and NSFR, higher funding and credit risk positions but also the low interest rate environment or the potential real estate bubble raise the need of new risk management approaches, efficient data sourcing and management and sustainable banking strategies. These challenges need new tools like funds transfer pricing or liquidity contingency planning to be prepared for the future and competition. If you need an experienced consultant, a business analyst or a project manager with a proven track record of challenging implementations, please get in contact with me.

If you want to discuss risk management topics, I can support you as a sparring partner - no matter if it is about Asset-Liability-Management, liquidity, FX or credit risk measurement and management. For more details, please click here.

Consulting Corporates

Corporates face various financial risks which need to be managed to ensure operational success. These risks include in particular cash and liquidity risk, FX, funding and interest rate risk. Various risk measurement and hedging approaches have been developed by banks and are adapted to corporates. For instance, certain strategies allow corporates to smoothen their interest expenses significantly to lower P&L volatility. Similarly, various FX hedging strategies differentiating between transaction, translation and operational risk ensure the realization of the operational margins.

With more than 10 years of experience, I can support you in different roles: As a consultant in form of a subject matter expert, interim manager, sparring partner for your Group Treasurer, project manager or by outsourcing certain tasks, e.g. the definition of concrete hedging. Additional information are provided here.

Interim Management

You may need a temporary solution for your daily business - a treasurer or a risk manager. I am able to support you temporarily in different roles, e.g. heading the team, as a team member producing regulatory and management reports, preparing recommendations for senior management, maintaining systems and running risk simulations.

For corporates, I also offer outsourcing services, i.e. the generation of standard reports for senior management including options and recommendations of hedging activities. This covers all relevant financial risks such as FX, interest rate, liquidity and credit risk. Additional information are summarized here.

Training & Coaching

No matter if you need a sparring partner to identify opportunities to enhance your risk management framework or if you are a senior manager or member of the board that needs training and coaching in risk management topics, I will support you in basics and advanced measures, its interpretation and the derivation of potential management actions. The coaching will always be individual in every respect: customized to you, your role and your needs as well as your company.

Please feel free to contact me to further discuss.


Corporate Treasury Management (November 2014)

We wrote a book explaining the various facets of Corporate Treasury Management from Treasury organisation, liquidity risk and cash management to interest rate, FX, commodity and weather risks as well as latest regulatory trends such as Dodd Frank. The book contains various illustrations and MS Excel downloads which allow the reader to reproduce examples and approaches. It has been published by SchäfferPoeschel Verlag, Stuttgart and is available in German. For further information, please refer to the following link.